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Cineam - The Internet Marketing Toolbox Use Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis to Increase Your Internet Pie Chips Remember the story of the man who dropped the key on the road, but knelt down and began looking for the key farther down the block, on the sidewalk, under the street lights? The results of incomplete keyword research are similar to this man's situation. Instead of seeing where the keyword is "dropped", many check the place that "lights up properly". If you don't search for keywords in the right place, you won't find them.

Researching keywords and placing them correctly in your content is very important for the overall success of your internet presence. This is very important. Internet marketers see a number of factors before they make the decision to enter a new market. As someone trying to get the presence of Page One, you have to do the same thing they do, and the neat thing is you can do that if you want to take the time to learn how to use the tools available to you. . The two most important factors when exploring a new market are:

How much traffic
- Traffic value

The income that can be generated by internet marketers is directly related to the overall value of all market segments; they know each segment offers features, advantages, and disadvantages of making their own money. They determine the number of competitors. They will see paid search results and determine what the company is willing to pay at No. 1 for that site. They also want to know who ranks and holds the top position in free organic search engine results; then they began doing research to determine whether they could rank the website that held the No. 1 on page One of the search engine results pages. Marketers will study each ranking of potential competitors on page One of the search engine results pages. The factors of "On Page" and "Off Page" SEO (search engine optimization) are investigated to rank websites. Their goal is to learn:

- Keywords that Google associates with websites
- Keywords used by the website
- descriptive tags
- How much traffic they produce
- Rank strength
- The power of competitive marketing
- page rank
- Quantity and origin of the incoming link
- Meta description
- Page Title
- Keyword density
- Domain age
- Backlinks point to all domain names
- Back links from government (.gov) and education (.edu) sites
- Register for the DMOZ Directory
- Register Yahoo Directory
- Keywords in the domain name
- Keywords used in header tags (H1 to H5)
- Age of Google Cache

That seems like a lot of work, right? But, believe me, there is a lot of money at stake for internet marketers who get this right! And generating revenue depends on the results of the Page One search engine that dominates. The results of this investigation will help internet marketers determine whether they can dominate Page One from search engine results pages. Market niche financial validity in each market segment is also evaluated through keyword research, traffic volume, and traffic value.

Using the same free tools available to you, internet marketers begin the process of "searching" into the market to find niches that are profitable to promote and master. Internet marketers will use traffic volumes and traffic values ​​for comparative evaluation in researching niches. After an internet marketer decides to pursue a marketing niche, they continue with extensive keyword research. They will determine the main keywords to attract traffic, and make a list of targeted keywords, purchased, and potentially convert, relevant keyword phrases and "theme-based" keywords.

Armed with the results of keyword research and competitive analysis, an internet marketer began mapping content creation, page structure (on page), page architecture, linking (inactive) and Web 2.0 strategies. Your local business can achieve similar results by using keyword research to expand your ability to attract search engines. When you increase your virtual real estate (add more pages) and optimize content on your page, you expand your "virtual word net" to capture more buying traffic. Off Page Optimization, which includes relevant incoming links, is very important for search engine rankings.

Now that you understand the "mindset" of internet marketers and "why" internet marketing strategies, explore using free tools that are used to help marketers dominate the page One search engine results page. Take time now to explore and learn more about keyword research and competitive analysis.

Cheryl Cigan began creating the Known Network and internet sales presence in 1995. Being familiar with both sides of the internet - as an affiliate marketer and as a "main street" book seller led to a broad understanding of how the internet works and how to build, rank and dominate page one search engine results. Guided by leading internet marketers and convey information beliefs that are already available. Guiding, leading, teaching. Always be a ready-to-use internet information source and know the practical steps needed to be implemented to create a strong internet presence for internet users and local business owners.

A simple philosophy for knowing "this is all about words" causes the availability of information about what you know about online sales online. Many think that what you need is the magic button to be pressed and money will come in without knowing that it requires solid information, a system, and yes, work. Read and learn more to understand that selling online on the internet is easy, and more difficult than it looks! When you are ready to roll up your sleeves and go to work making money on the internet.

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